Ginger Science will shortly offer services in area of Genomics and Proteomics


1. Sequencing (Sanger Sequencing)
a) Sequencing of Purified sample
b) Primer Walking Service
c) Clone Sequencing Service (Sequencing from Bacterial clones, cultures, swabs)
2. Purification
a) Enzymetic Purification
b) Gel Purification
3. SNP Detection
4. SNP Genotyping
5. Microsatellite Genotyping
6. Primer/Oligo Synthesis
7. Primer Purification (HPLC/PAGE)
8. Primer Modification (Labeling by FAM, Bio, Phos, Hex, Joe, Texas Red, etc)
9. Bacterial Identification (bacteria, Yeast, Fungus)


1. Peptide Mapping and Maldi MS/MS with Data analysis
2. Isolation of Protein and Clean Up
3. 2D Electrophoresis (IEF + SDS PAGE)
4. Protein Identification with MALDI TOF-TOF
5. Protein Identification with MALDI LC MS/MS