3D Shakers

Gel Rocker 3-D Shaker

GyroTwister™ 3-D Shaker

The three dimensional shaking motion of the GyroTwister is extremely efficient, yet gentle, making it ideal for general mixing as well as staining gels, hybridization and other applications.

Two versions are available: the GyroTwister and GyroTwister Adjustable. Both feature variable speed across a broad range. The tilt angle of the standard model is fixed while the pitch of the adjustable version is easily changed by turning the dial in the center of the platform.

The shakers are supplied with a 30 x 30 cm platform with non-slip mat as well as a dimpled mat for holding tubes. Larger platforms and a stacked standard platform configuration are available to increase shaker capacity. All platforms are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel to prevent bending and warping. The GyroTwister and GyroTwister Adjustable are safe for use in temperature controlled environments, from 4º to 70ºC.

  • Gyratory action provides gentle, thorough mixing
  • Ideal for staining gels, washing membranes and mixing samples in tubes
  • Fixed angle and adjustable tilt models
  • Safe for cold room or incubator use

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GyroTwister 3-D shaker with 30 x 30 cm non-slip platform and dimpled tube mat, 230V

GyroTwister Adjustable, as above, with adjustable tilt angle, 230V

Stacking platform, 30 x 30 cm, with hardware

Large platform 40 x 40 cm,with non-slip rubber mat

Extra large platform, 50 x 50 cm, with non-slip rubber mat

Dimpled mat, 30 x 30 cm, for holding tubes,

Elastic tie downs, pack of 4

Gel staining tray, pack of 4

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PS-3D fixed tilt 3D platform rotator PS-3D fixed tilt 3D platform

PS-3D fixed tilt 3D platform rotator

Variable speed, fixed-angle 3D rocker-rotator in the Grant-bio™ range providing smooth orbital motion for mixing in commonly used vessels – culture flasks, dishes, boxes and tubes. Suitable for use in cold rooms and incubators.

  • Variable speed: 5 to 60 rpm
  • Fixed 7° tilt angle
  • Loads up to 1.0 kg
  • Ambient operating temperature range +4ºC to 40ºC

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Mini 3D platform rotator, fixed 7° angle, 5 to 60 rpm, 0.5kg load, flat platform with non-slip mat included

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PS-M3D multi-function 3D rocker-rotator PS-M3D multi-function 3D rocker

PS-M3D multi-function 3D rocker-rotator

Variable speed, fixed-angle, multi-function 3D rocker-rotator providing all that is required – rotation, reciprocation and vibration – to fully optimise the mixing of different sized particles in flasks, dishes, petri dishes and boxes.

  • 3D rotation, reciprocation and vibration functions all in one product
  • 3D rotation speed: 1 to 100 rpm
  • Reciprocal 3D rotation: 1 to 360° turning angle
  • Vibration: 1 to 5° turning angle, programmable in a burst of 1 to 5 seconds
  • Fully programmable sequence of all functions
  • Loads up to 1.0 kg

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Multi-function 3D rocker-rotator-vibrator with reciprocation, fixed angle, 1 to 99 rpm, 1kg load, flat platform with non-slip mat included

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